Chickpea Leavened Bread Without Commercial Yeast

Chickpea Leavened Bread Without Commercial Yeast

我尝试了另一个 历史面包食谱 which are made 没有商业酵母. This time I made the‘Turkish Pea Yeast’ of 1819. It’s a 食谱 for 面包 which is naturally leavened with 豌豆 starter. Even today, 面包 is naturally leavened with yeast-free 鹰嘴豆 starters: In Greece 鹰嘴豆 leavened 面包 is called依他西莫,在塞浦路斯 阿卡泰纳 在土耳其’s called Nohutlu Ekmek. And here are two more 食谱 for 鹰嘴豆 leavened 面包: 鹰嘴豆酵母面包arkatenio或eftazymo食谱.


The historical 豌豆 yeast 食谱 doesn’t state whether to use 青豆 or 鹰嘴豆s. Because all yeast-free 豌豆 starter 食谱s which I’ve found were made with 鹰嘴豆s, I used 鹰嘴豆s too. But it probably works just as well with dried 青豆.

Because I didn’t know if the 鹰嘴豆 yeast would work 和 how the 面包 would taste, I made just a small test 面包.


Chickpea Leavened Bread Without Commercial Yeast


  • 1/4杯鹰嘴豆(chana dal)
  • 200毫升开水
Chickpea flour starter 和 split 鹰嘴豆s starter

Pour boiling water over the 鹰嘴豆s. Let it stand for about 12 hours in a warm place. I placed the 鹰嘴豆 starter in the 120°F (50°C) warm oven but that was too cold. So I put the starter outside in the sun–it was a hot day. Just after some hours in the sun, there were lots of bubbles 和 foam 上 top. And it smelled terrible! 😉

I also tried to make starter with 鹰嘴豆 flour but that didn’t work.

  • 1/2杯鹰嘴豆酵母液
  • 1杯面粉
  • 1/2茶匙盐


Using a spoon, stir together flour, 鹰嘴豆 liquid (without the 鹰嘴豆s) 和 salt– don’t taste the dough: Like the dough of salt rising 面包, 鹰嘴豆 leavened 面包 dough contains clostridium perfringens (文章 about salt rising 面包 和 clostridium perfringens). But after baking, 鹰嘴豆 leavened 面包 is safe to eat according to this 来源(pdf). Place the dough in a greased pan 和 let it rise until doubled in size. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Bake the 面包 for about 40 minutes.

While the 面包 was baking, the whole house smelled of cheese!

Chickpea Leavened Bread Without Commercial Yeast

The texture of 鹰嘴豆 leavened 面包 is good– light 和 soft –like homemade yeast 面包. It still smells of cheese after baking but it doesn’t taste of cheese. Bread with 鹰嘴豆 yeast is better than other 没有商业酵母的面包食谱, 但是我更喜欢 面包 made with honey water or fruit yeast.


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