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Recipes for 7 types of buttercreams: American, German, Italian, French, Swiss, custard and flour buttercream. With flavor alternatives–vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter and coffee–and substitutes for vegan buttercream!


Learn to make 7 types of buttercreams from scratch: American, German, Italian, French, Swiss, custard and flour buttercream. American, German and flour buttercream are the easiest buttercreams because they’re egg-free. They’re almost foolproof to make! But if you have egg whites leftover, Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream is your best choice. And if you have egg yolks leftover, you can choose between French and custard buttercream. Continue reading 7种奶油+食谱类型–美国,德国,意大利…


Vegan whipped cream substitutes–all made from scratch at home! If you’re vegan or can’t eat dairy – like me – you don’t have to buy vegan whipped cream substitutes: They’re usually full of additives and don’t taste very well.


A while ago I published 5种以上不含乳制品的鲜奶油替代品. But now I found three vegan whipped cream substitutes! Yay! Making vegan whipped cream substitutes from scratch is easy and cheap– and they’re delicious!

这些纯素食主义者奶油替代品不含椰子,不含腰果,不含坚果,不含麸质,不含乳制品和不含鸡蛋。 Continue reading 3种自制纯素食奶油替代品


This easy no-bake Swiss roll is made with leftover stale cake scraps and leftover buttercream frosting! A delicious, decadent& fudgy dessert!


Because I try many recipes for my blog, I sometimes have cake scraps leftover. I don’t like to throw food away. So, in the past, I’ve turned stale cake into Cake Crumb Pie Crust,用蛋糕屑为我制作自然色的圆点 没有蛋糕流行制造商的圆点蛋糕, made 1930s Strawberry Dessert and 粉色草莓棉花糖蛋糕持久性有机污染物–甜菜根色。到目前为止,我最喜欢的陈旧蛋糕用途之一是 Edible Moss Balls:苔藓球是巧克力花生酱蛋糕的持久性有机污染物,上面覆盖着我食用的苔藓 用葵花籽自然染成绿色!

But this time I also had buttercream 结霜leftover. So I came up with this delicious vanilla no-bake Swiss roll. This no-back Swiss roll is easy and fast to make if you have unexpected guests coming over!

Continue reading 蛋糕屑无烤瑞士卷&剩余的奶油




You don’t need to buy fondant for your next cake–fondant is so easy to make at home! And if you want you can naturally dye the fondant blue and pink with butterfly pea flower tea and beetroot. Continue reading 从头开始的自制软糖–含天然食品染料


German nougat–also called viennese nougat or gianduja–is made with three ingredients: hazelnuts or almonds, chocolate and sugar. While store-bought nougat contains dairy– this homemade German nougatis dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and vegan!


German nougatis so delicious– it’s used as baking ingredient, as cake or praline filling, for ice creams and desserts or eaten as it is. I always wanted to make German nougatat home–especially since I can’t eat dairy (and therefore store-bought nougat) anymore. However, all recipes that I tried produced more a chocolate spread–not real German nougat!

But, finally, after years of research and trial and error I found an old recipe for traditional homemade German nougat. Yay! I adapted the recipe slightly because the nougat was made with too much chocolate. I’m so pleased with the recipe: This homemade German nougatis even better than store-bought German nougat! I never thought that it’d be so easy to make German nougatfrom scratch at home.

You can make German nougatwith almonds or hazelnuts. Hazelnut nougat is darker than almond nougat. They taste different too but both are delicious! Continue reading 从头开始自制德国牛轧糖




I may have mentioned it once or twice before 😉 but I love the naturally dark blue color of butterfly pea tea! So of course I had to dye my homemade mirror glaze naturally blue with butterfly pea tea!

我一直想尝试镜面釉,但既然可以’吃乳制品我不得不弄清楚如何使镜面釉不使用乳制品。 Continue reading 镜面釉配方–天然食用色素,不含乳制品,无玉米糖浆



This naturally colored polka dot cake is made from scratch with only natural flavorings and homemade natural food colorings. You don’t even need a cake pop pan to make a polka dot cake– I’ll show you how to make polka dots without a cake pop maker with leftover stale cake! Continue reading 没有蛋糕流行制造商的自然色圆点蛋糕



These delicious mint chocolate chip cookies are naturally green. The cookies are naturally colored with sunflower seeds! Sunflower seeds turn green in an alkaline environment (baking soda). But the sunflower seed mint cookies don’t taste of sunflower seeds, they taste minty and refreshing! Continue reading 自然绿色向日葵种子薄荷巧克力饼干


Strawberry Marshmallow Cake Pops带有天然食用色素

阿仁’t they cute? These strawberry-shaped cake pops are made with homemade marshmallows, leftover stale cake, and naturally colored with beetroot! Continue reading 草莓棉花糖蛋糕持久性有机污染物–带有天然食用色素



阿仁’这些兔子对接蛋糕可爱吗?还有什么’s best they’重新自然涂上羽衣甘蓝和甜菜根!

自然色的兔子屁股纸杯蛋糕 将是您的复活节桌子或复活节篮子的一个非常可爱的配件!

The bunny butts are made with cake pop mixtures: You can make brown bunnies with chocolate peanut butter cake pops and white bunnies with marshmallow cake pops (recipes below). Continue reading 自制天然食用色素的兔子对接蛋糕